Annual Report 2022
Future focused




Taking Action for Water

Eric Olsen, CEO: “Water is a complex issue because at the same time we’re faced with cruel shortages and in other places, devastating floods of water. This dual challenge of managing scarcity and excess at the same time, combined with the fact that the least powerful in the world are the ones that are most affected, really is a cause for action that we need to take action and more action than we’re taking already. Water is our most precious resource and it needs our urgent attention and action.”

Beth Koigi, Co-founder and CEO Majik Water: “Even if this creation is happening right now, there is still hope. There are solutions that we can apply today that can create immediate relief. There are solutions that we can apply today that can create future relief and there are solutions that we can do to conserve what we have.”

Eric Olsen, CEO: “We have a responsibility to leverage the power of business to make great things happen around water. In order to accelerate solutions for water challenges, we created last year a new division called Aliaxis Next. Combining our focus on innovation and sustainability. We formed this division to scale entrepreneurial solutions, focusing on the world’s water challenges. Because we’re stronger when combining forces and expertise. At Aliaxis Next, the idea is to invest in and partner with specialised startups, notably in the field of data driven solutions for water.”

Fredrik Östbye, Head of Aliaxis Next: “In Aliaxis Next, we are really focusing on making sure that humanity does not run out of water. How can we reduce water consumption in buildings and industrial processes? We are looking into both how to find new ways of accessing water, like we heard before here, about taking it from the air, it’s really inspirational. Also taking it from the sea. If you put yourself on the moon and look at the planet, there is a lot of water, it’s just that we can’t use it. So, finding new ways to access water and then making sure that everyone in the world has access to water, not just two thirds of us.”

Beth Koigi, Co-founder and CEO Majik Water: “We live in the same world. This is the only home we have, so we need to take care of that resource.”