Thierry Vanlancker, Chairman
Thierry Vanlancker, Chairperson

Our Annual Report for 2023 marks an important milestone for Aliaxis.

In June, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the creation of Aliaxis, the moment we brought together our powerful brands and businesses around the world, some with a legacy of serving customers stretching back nearly 100 years.

We’ve seen great accomplishments since that starting year in 2003. But in these last years, the development and growth of the company has moved onto a new and more dynamic trajectory.

This is driven by our Growth with Purpose strategy, which the regions are fully empowered to deliver to meet local customer needs.

The strategy has sustainability and innovation at its very core, reflecting our determination to find solutions to the interlinked challenges our world faces around climate and access to water.

We continued to make progress on the strategic targets we have set during the year, not least in meeting our environmental goals and in bringing innovative water and clean energy solutions to market faster.

An important milestone


In June we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the creation of Aliaxis

Financial strength

As our 2023 results show, we remain financially strong and remain on course to achieve the Growth with Purpose earnings targets we set ourselves for 2025.

This is a significant achievement, given the weaker current economic market conditions. Clearly, being a family-owned business allowed us to keep investing for the long term and focus on our growth way into the future.

It’s a huge credit to the teams around the globe that they are enabling this with such energy, foresight and discipline, and, most importantly, with a firm belief that through innovation we can find solutions to the world’s huge climate and water challenges.

Earnings targets

€850 million

We’re on track to meet our 2025 Recurring EBITDA target

Being properly recognised as a responsible business

Since the launch of Growth with Purpose, it’s clear that we are increasingly being seen as the leading responsible business we always were. But there’s more we can do to show our stakeholders that we are truly sustainable. We’ve made great progress here and I’d like to give you a few examples.

We are now proud members of the UN Global Compact, which commits us to promoting best practice in all aspects of ESG.

Initially, we mostly focused on environment (the “E” in ESG) – for instance in reducing our own carbon footprint and enabling access to water and clean energy solutions – because this is where we could have the fastest impact.

This year, we received external recognition and verification for our actions from EcoVadis, a global sustainability standard, who awarded us a silver rating. In addition, we are also measuring our progress on carbon reduction through the Carbon Disclosure Project and the Science-based Targets Initiative.

Internally, we’ve launched a Climate School, a really exciting initiative to help our people understand the complexities of climate science and to take action both at work and in their lives outside.

On the Social front, we are focusing on improving access to water and on empowering our teams to make a positive impact on society. Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of colleagues, with safety as a priority, is top of the agenda alongside achieving greater gender equality in our workplaces.

Where Governance is concerned, we have built on our existing code of conduct to create a new Code of Ethics that ensures that we act with integrity, honesty and fairness in all our interactions – with each other, our customers and suppliers, and with the outside world. We have begun training on the Code with clear targets to spread that training across the company.

And finally, we have revised our approach to Corporate Responsibility with a new approach to make sure our activities much more closely reflect our purpose, particularly in supporting organisations dedicated to improving access to water.

Collaborative working session in action

A licence to operate

Why does all of this matter? For a very simple reason.

We have an impact on so many lives and in so many ways through the customers and communities we serve. Being recognised as a sustainable and ethical business, determined to make a difference to the biggest challenges society is grappling with, is essential because it gives us our licence to operate.

When visiting our operations, often with fellow Board members, I’m always immensely impressed and inspired by how determined Aliaxis people are to find solutions to the world’s water and clean energy challenges.

On behalf of the Board, I would like to express my gratitude for all they have achieved to date. I’m confident that, because of them, Aliaxis will continue to grow in strength and play an important role in building a more sustainable future for our planet.


Thierry Vanlancker

Thierry Vanlancker


A year of excellent progress in a challenging market

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“Our Growth with Purpose strategy has energised the business and our people have responded fantastically. I’m convinced that if we work with a sense of real purpose and optimism, we can make the progress that society demands.”

Eric Olsen, Chief Executive Officer