Annual Report 2022
Lareter – building our core strengths in Europe

We’re about to transform the way we sell to our distributors with the introduction this year of a new, highly capable e-commerce platform, designed in close collaboration with our valued distribution partners. Based on our customers’ expectations and deep research of systems already used in our industry, we decided to go out of our comfort zone to design and build a new e-commerce distributor portal. Customers said the wanted to be able to order from us night and day without human interaction on an agile and transparent platform with all the information needed to manage their activities with us. We had to overcome several big challenges, including making sure the portal was fully integrated with our enterprise resource planning system. But the benefits will be great including improving the buying experience and freeing up time for our sales and customer teams to focus on more valuable tasks rather than tracking orders and product availability. In addition, the solution, developed in just over a year, can be easily scaled and applied across Aliaxis markets in Europe and beyond.