Annual Report 2022
Locally grounded




How do we ensure our solutions meet our customers’ needs and make a concrete difference to society?

Hello, as the CEO of Aliaxis, I’m happy to tell you about the local power behind our global Growth with Purpose strategic plan.

Aliaxis has been built around a powerful portfolio of leading local businesses and brands across the world. The DNA of building materials businesses is local by nature – local building methods, local standards, local competitors, and often, most importantly, local customers. So in each region, we adapt to the different geographies, building methods, market trends, and most of all to the specific needs of our customers.

Our strength, is that we are held together by a common purpose and strategic plan, so we can be local while leveraging our global strengths to serve our local customers better than our competitors. I can tell you that the best way to serve our local customers around the world is not to try to do it all from a central head office. And that’s why our global Growth with Purpose strategic plan has been tailored to the local markets that we serve.

To win, you need to win locally while leveraging global strengths. This includes innovation, product and application knowledge, best practices in manufacturing, in procurement, as well as excellence and safety management.

Our locally grounded strategy gives us a great platform to build a sustainable future for our company, and the customers and communities we serve.