Annual Report 2022




How can we make a real and immediate impact on the climate and water crises?

Hello, I’m Line De Decker, the Chief People and Sustainability Officer of Aliaxis.

When I look at where the world is focusing on now, and when it comes to sustainability, it is on climate change. And that is absolutely the right focus. But there are twin crisis, because there is another challenge that goes to the very essence of life, which is fundamental to everyone – water.

Water is a complex issue, where at the same time, we are faced with cruel shortages and devastating floods of water in other places. Let me share just one key figure, currently close to 2 billion people live in water stressed areas. Water is our most precious resource, and it needs our urgent attention and action. We are exactly five years into the UN’s International decade for action on water for sustainable development, and water is not yet sufficiently on the sustainability radar screen.

At Aliaxis, we exist to bring solutions to the world’s water challenges and accelerate the transition to clean energy. The very essence of what we do is to support that cause with our pipes and fittings solutions, which carry and preserve freshwater, with our wastewater management solutions and our systems for stormwater. And of course, we keep on increasing our innovation pipeline to come up with the best solutions for water.

So, how do we do this? Our teams are fully mobilised, and our business ambassadors are truly passionate about sustainability and take action. At Aliaxis, we take action on renewable electricity, on recycling, as well as on diversity and inclusion. I see my role as setting out a strategy and guidelines and promoting and ensuring rapid transfer of our best practices, so we can achieve positive impact for the planet and society. And we are all highly motivated by our purpose.